The Session:

You are guest in a professional Studio where atmosphere and abience are designed to fit to your sustom-made BDSM session. The professional equipment, many toys and SM furniture is available to enable your deepest, hidden and most nasty fantasies become reality.


As Dominus Andreas G. wants to be fully attuned to you, you habe to fill the questionnaire. Subsequently Subsequently He'll contact you.

It’s obvious that you‘ll be looking forward to the first personal meeting and that you will want to get humiliated, used and abused within your limits without delay. 

Following your detailed information and limits, you’ll give a lot of pleasure to Dominus Andreas G. while offering yourself to him to be used. Relax, hand him control and enjoy it.

In case the dominus feels inclined to use your holes and this is inline with your information, he might make use of them. You should interpret this as an honour and you should not expect or require it – this decision will be taken exclusively by the Dominus.

Dominus Andreas G. erwartet beim Treffen:

1. Tribute

Your tribute, which you are going to place within an envelope and make visible, shows how much you appreciate the honour to be allowed to serve Dominus Andreas G.

If there is another way to hand over the tribute that makes you even more horny, you may ask submissively for approval.

4. Safety

Dominus Andreas G. acts responsible and takes care of his slaves. His ambition is to take slaves to their limits. Therefore it is possible that you may feel uncomfortable in a situation, so it is important that you keep the safe words “yellow” and “red” in mind.

Yellow: you are very close to my limit and I'm finding this difficult to take. 

Red: you have breached my limit. Please stop this treatment

2. Hygiene

There is a shower available in the studio for slave that has to be used with every visit.

For anal play, the slave has to prepare himself before the session begins,  ensuring he is completely clean inside.

5. Relax

Your "regular“ life doesn’t matter. Relax and forget everything which is outside and get into the situation.

The Dominus gets excited if you show your feelings unreservedly.

3. Mental Attitude

Breathe deeply before you enter the studio and show your submission, your obedience and a proper diction right from the beginning to the end.


It should be unnecessary to mention that every Dominus would be offended by traditional forms of greeting such as handshakes.

6. After the session …

​… is before the session.

Dominus Andreas G. will offer you a drink at the end of the session as you come down from it.

Moreover there is the chance to agree on a follow up appointment

The Dominus appreciates if you tell others about your experiences (guestbook, planetromeo, ….)

How to contact Dominus Andreas G.

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