About the Dominus

Your customized experience, perfectly tailored to your needs.

"Dominance has nothing to do with violence and volume, but with charisma, demeanor and consequence."

Dominus Andreas G. was born in Austria and has practiced and lived BDSM since he was 17.
During this time he was able to gain a lot of experience. He turned his hobby into a profession out of passion.

Dominus Andreas G.'s spectrum is extensive. From soft, almost romantic-seeming, quiet dominance to all intermediate layers to torture across borders.

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You will primarily meet Dominus Andreas G. in Vienna, since he lives here. Your meeting with him can happen at any time by appointment. There will be no invitations to Dominus' private apartment.

Meetings take place exclusively in the studio.

Dominus Andreas G. is also happy to accompany you to events, for example fetish and BDSM events / evenings, to the opera, theater, to a good meal, ... with and without ending in the studio.

Discretion is very important to Dominus Andreas G. and he knows how important it is. If he meets you on the street, he will not know you and will not greet you.

Due to the provisions applicable in Austria and Vienna, Dominus Andreas G. is registered as a sex worker with the Vienna State Directorate in accordance with section 5 (1) WPG 2011 and has the health card "green card" according to section 2 BGBI 198/2015 (prostitution regulation). Due to the "green card", the prescribed health examinations are carried out every 6 weeks. This health certificate can be shown at any time on request.

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