Dominus Andreas G. has practised BDSM since he was 17 years old and acts responsibly in all areas of BDSM. Your limits and no-go areas will be fully respected and observed.


Dominus Andreas G. has fun and loves training and using and abusing slaves in every possible way. Therefore slaves will be expected to show their appreciation with appropriate tributes.


Dominus Andreas G. is available to slaves regardless of their gender, ethnic origin and disability.

You cannot stop thinking about submitting yourself to a dominant, sadistic and imaginative man?


Then it is time for your dreams to become reality!


Based on the long-established extraordinary BDSM experience that Dominus Andreas G. provides, beginners as well as experienced slaves will get on their money’s worth. His repertoire goes from sensitive up to merciless.


Before you can say ‘knife’ you’ll be taken within a whisker of your limits and you’ll soon be totally addicted to HIS dominance, harshness and the consequences if you do not obey.

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