What a master is Dominus Andreas G.

What is every slave looking for?

A counterpart who is both powerful and merciful in balance, in the right dose for his personal need. This dose varies from slave to slave. In any case, there are also many other personal factors. But in detail it is what a slave needs. A master who is powerful enough to control the slave to the core of his soul and compassionate enough to hold the slave at the right time and to apply this control.


A person who is extremely trustworthy in his absolute firmness makes up a master. Someone who is there to guide you through control, who accepts the limits of the slave (including a safe word or gesture when the slave is gagged) and yet brings his slave to the limits of his abilities and beyond, to be able to develop.


It is not that the master takes control, it is that the slave transfers control to the master. A real master knows his slave well enough to always advance his slave with the right means, but never with the question of what a slave can give. A slave only says "no" to his master when he is afraid of him, but never because of what the master does.


A slave should be enriched and brought forward by the attention of his master. The master's focus is not always on the pain he caused, but on the total submission of the slave. Control does not mean abuse, control does not require pain - it requires respect and devotion from the slave to his master. A good master is trusted and respected for the unconditional devotion and acceptance that the slave gives him.


A good master knows what is safe and how far he can go. He would never do anything that would harm either himself or his slave. The master must trust that the slave will carefully consider and substantiate and communicate his limits, and the slave will trust that the master will adhere to these limits and the use of a safe word or gesture. It is these limits within which the master moves and carries out his whims and whims, which also requires compatible interests. A master dominates through pleasure, knowing the slave and using and using his own joys against him.


A master can create and control a scenario that the slave has not created, but in which he wishes to be and will love it. I recently had a slave who did everything I wanted to do because it satisfies him to fulfill all his desires for a master. "A master will never ask a slave to do everything, a master does it, that the slave wants to do everything, "and that's what it's about.


A master-slave relationship is very individual. Everything depends on the individuals and their interests, and that's why the choice of master is so important for the slave and vice versa.


A master who takes care of a slave's well-being will never pay attention to a certain period of time when he gets to know him. It is a decision that comes from the trust of both.

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